Short essay on democracy is the best form of government

In this form of government every individual has equal rights and freedom to express their thoughts and opinions. Also in democratic states, there is a rule of law; citizens enjoy more freedom and protection of their rights.

It does not disgrace or promote any religion. A direct democracy or pure democracy is a form of government wherein the citizens have a direct say in the formulation of laws and issues that affect them while a representative democracy is a form of government wherein its citizens vote for or elect a representative to represent them in Congress or the Senate.

The role of the state in command politics is monopolistic and oligopolistic. Direct democracy in the United States The basis of the democratic traditions of the British colonies in North America is similar to that in Europe.

A strong and well-run dictatorship can be very effective. The demand politics is preferable to command politics because the former takes care of welfare, social justices and immediate dire needs of the public — the voters.

In the Swiss used this power to force the adoption of the legislative referendum the right to approve or reject ordinary federal legislation.

The turnout of the voters has considerably increased during the recent elections of local governments. Democracy is the best form of government as it is stable and enduring due to huge public support.

Scandinavia eventually succumbed to absolutism, and direct democracy survived only in Swiss towns and cantons. Hindrances in the Working of Democracy in India While the elections have been happening at the right time and a systematic approach is followed to conduct the same ever since the concept of democracy came into being in India there are many hindrances in the smooth functioning of democracy in the country.

In the less accessible parts of Scandinavia and Switzerland, however, repression was more difficult to enforce, and the local landsgemeinde or things survived for a considerable period. As countries are large and their populations huge, this sort of democracy is no more feasible.

1 Popular Sovereignty

Dictatorship, on the other hand, takes the power away from people and grants it to one individual ruler. People are given ample opportunities to move ahead in life Essay on Importance of English Language with Quotation In the absence of political parties, we cannot think of smooth and effective functioning of a democracy.

As a whole, democracy is a form of government where the activities of legislature, judiciary and executive agencies is determined by the more or less equal and direct participation of all citizens.

Democracy vs. Dictatorship Essay

Every single individual in the country is part of the process of governing. Elections are held periodically and people exercise their right to vote to elect their representatives.

Its most basic characteristics are freedom and equality. In other words; since you like to control your life, let others control theirs. Thomas HobbesJohn Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau were the most important members of the social contract school.

Fourthly, it demoralizes the people. In fragile and unstable democracy political leaders may be corrupt and mean. In democracy people get the chance to elect their leaders, which ensures their participation in the political process.

In cases of dictatorship a single person fixes all about those and more other factors, in monarchy the monarch and in aristocratic system, a few people from upper class. I have only entered to university. I believe, democracy is any day better than the other alternatives.

They criticise the government policies in a democratic and constructive spirit. For example, in China and Sri Lanka, where short-term policies directly benefiting the poor were more visible than they were in India, the average life span in the late s was 69 years, compared with 52 in India.

With the passage of time, a new healthy relationship has developed between the ruling party and the opposition. For having ideas like universal suffrage, self-governance, freedom of choices and opinions: Dictatorship — What is the Difference — Essay 4 words Introduction Democracy is a type of government in which eligible citizens have the right to elect representative to form a government body.Liberal democracy is sometimes the de facto form of government, while other forms are technically the case; for example, the Canadian monarchy is in fact ruled by a democratically elected Parliament.

In the United Kingdom, the sovereign is the hereditary monarch, but the de facto (legislative) sovereign is the people, via their elected. The two dominant forms of government are democracy and authoritarianism. The two socio-economic policies are capitalism and communism.

Democracy is a. Similarly, it is possible to have popular sovereignty without direct democracy in its purest form. This is the usual form of popular sovereignty; a combination of representative bodies and ultimate popular authority.

But it is not possible to envision popular sovereignty without such a form of semi-direct democracy. Leacock has begun to write papers democracy is the best informative essays; a society, best.

Own country with a highly competent in india democracy is a constituent assembly to. Fundamental transformation: democracy is best form of. Government is one of the most important element of state through which society is politically is an agency where the collective will of the people is formulated, expressed and simplisticcharmlinenrental.comacy is such a form of government which is the most popular and practiced all over the world.

why is democracy considered as the best form of government? 0 ☀ It is a more accountable form of government. ☀ It improves the quality of decision making. democracy is best form of government as can express their views freely can choose their own leaders.

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Short essay on democracy is the best form of government
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