Qualities that made mahatma gandhi the quintessence of a hero of faith

Gandhiji — an inspiration

He began to look on every difficulty as an opportunity for service, a challenge which could draw out of him greater resources of intelligence and imagination. He used tools like upavas, satyagraha, ahimsa and non- cooperation to achieve his goal. He worked as an Indian lawyer.

For the achievement of one or the other, complete control over the senses of Action [Karmendriya] and those of Perception [Jnanendriya] is essential.

Gandhi had already been recognized through his work and movements in South Africa. King Harishchandra became the ideal hero of his dream and the paragon of truth.

They whole-heartedly dedicate themselves to the task, which is set, and work towards its completion. When we do the right we need not have any fear. He is the supreme good. Devotion to work Gandhiji, affectionately called Bapu, was determined and dedicated towards his work.

He tried to eradicate the evil existing at that time — untouchability. He laid great emphasis on banishing untouchability, promoting Hindu-Muslim unity, promoting literacy and in the development of a great nation —India. His teachings continue to inspire people the world over — from Martin Luther King Jr.

He believed in a single standard of conduct founded on dharma of truth and nonviolence. What is the reason for this? When he was child, he lied, he stole, and he fought and was too much after material things. This resulted as a finding of salt. Your words become your actions.

Nothing in life is more joyful or more thrilling. All of us play a very significant role in the flow of History. He was celebrity and was covered on the front-page of all the important newspapers in the world at that time. Only a wise and astute person can do so.

A hero is never foolishly audacious. Gandhi was actually a lawyer. It applies equally to the individual, the society and the state. Some of his actions were condemned in his own land.

Why Was Gandhi a Hero?

He didn't crave publicity. I Ethico-Social Parameters Gandhi spoke in a low tone and was a hesitant public speaker. Your words become your actions. Your thoughts become your words.

Mahatma Gandhi - the person, the hero, the legend

Essential Writings edited by John Dear He created the "Indian Opinion" newspaper for the 60, Indians living there. But he forgave them all. He showed me simple living and high thinking.

The word truth ordinarily connotes not to tell lies.Oct 02,  · Mahatma Gandhi is known in the whole world for his principles of non-violence. He never resorted to violence and has won the war of independence of India just by non- violence.

In his memory and honor, today “International Day of Non-Violence” is observed simplisticcharmlinenrental.com: Alok Sharma.

What Qualities Made Gandhi a Good Leader?

Oct 01,  · Gandhiji's simplicity and love towards others made him closer to the common man. At all stages during the freedom movement, he preached and practised only Ahimsa or simplisticcharmlinenrental.com: The Hindu. Rational explanations of Mahatma Gandhi’s thoughts and acts will certainly place him in history in line with Lord Mahavira, Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ.

Gandhi stood for truth, ahimsa, compassion and service all through his life. ‘To serve humanity is the service of God’ was the principle of his life. Mahatma Gandhi was a very empowering and Visionary leader. Mahatma Gandhi was an empowering leader no only because he empowered all Indians on a salt march to corrupt the British economic simplisticcharmlinenrental.com he was pioneer of Satyagraha.

These leadership qualities made him to stand out among the leaders of his time and have been a major reasons why he has still not being forgotten several decades after.

Mahatma Gandhi was one of the few transformational leaders who had a servant's heart. He believed in being a servant-leader. A hero is not born, he is self-made. Above mentioned are some of the most fundamental qualities, which a hero invariably possesses. We all do possess some of the virtues, which have been explained above.

Qualities that made mahatma gandhi the quintessence of a hero of faith
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